To drive impact and promote effective collaboration, members of the Council have developed transition tools that help define and better manage successful energy transitions.

World Energy Trilemma Index

Healthy energy systems are secure, euitable and environmentally sustainable, showing a carefully balanced Trilemma between the three dimensions in the context of transition to decentralized, decarbonized and digital systems.

World Energy Issues Monitor

In an era where the energy landscape is undergoing faster and fundamental transformation, energy leaders must pay attention to many different signals of change and distinguish key issues from the noise.

World Energy Scenarios

World Energy Council Scenarios use innovative collaboration, interactive experiences, rigorous research, and analysis to map out plausible energy futures. The practice of developing and using scenarios emerged as a way to provide an inclusive and strategic framework enabling big picture thinking and deeper assumptions, choices and options. The Council has been developing scenarios for almost two decades.

Innovation Insights

The Innovation work series is an effort to make sense of the fast-moving pace of the energy transition by digging deeper into the role of technology, policy and social innovation.

World Energy Pulse

The World Energy Pulse survey tracks the impact of multilple crises and their implications as felt within the energy sector.

Dynamic Resilence Framework

Dynamic Resilence Framework

Energy systems need to prepare for multiple and complex emerging risks. Increasing frequency and severity of extreme weather events, weather-dependent and intermittent renewable energy requiring new storage options and digitalisation bring new opportunities.

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